Wednesday May 8th 2019

Hi, my name is Ray and i've been an electrician since 1988, welcome to my home grown website!

As well as being NAPIT registered for your assurance of a qualified and quality, vetted electrician, Kane Electrical, Halifax has also been accepted into REGISTERED COMPETENT PERSON ELECTRICAL for further approval by a recognised industry standard.

What is NAPIT?

NAPIT is a leading, government authorised and United Kingdom Accredited Service (AKAS) accredited membership scheme, not only for electricians but all other trades as well.

When establishing KANE ELECTRICAL i wanted to provide a reliable and friendly, proudly local service to Halifax, Calderdale and surrounding areas.

Having started a JIB electricians apprenticeship in 1988 for an NIC-EIC registered firm, becoming fully qualified in 1993 and approved rated in 1995 i have 30 years of experience of being an electrician and seen all the changes that have come and gone in all those years as well as all the things that remain a constant throughout (safety is safety and must come first after all).

I have years of experience in every kind of electrical installation, be it a domestic setting, a commercial or industrial environment to have a full understanding of electrical, safety and functional needs whatever your demands and all to the very latest in developments in technology as well as amendments to the IEE Regulations as and when they are updated.

Free Quotes

I offer a free quote here on the full scope of domestic electrical installations and electrician's services so don't be shy, get in touch. I also offer an emergency 24 hour call out service for those times when you need an electrician for quick restoration of power and safety or simply peace of mind is needed right away.

As so much of an electrician's work comes from personal recommendation, customer service is very important and i strive to maintain a friendly, conscientious and clean service every job, every day. I provide all aspects of electrical services, whether it's a new installation, a rewire, burglar alarm, CCTV, PAT Testing, an electrical test and inspection, fault finding or maintenance and repairs. If it's an electrician's job, i do it.

External Lighting

October 2018 i spent two weeks in a really nice garden putting in various kinds of outside lights.

Even though, like nearly all electrical work, 90% of it is hidden away and not meant to be seen, here the overall effect really has that wow factor. Outside Lights gallery

Burglar Alarms

Wireless burglar alarm or hard wired?

There really is no right or wrong answer to that. It's a personal preference depending on your needs. The main difference between a wireless and a hard wired is that a hard wired burglar alarm is generally more work and more disruption but they are also more reliable and require almost no maintenance. Whereas wireless alarms are less mess and less fuss but being wireless, the PIR sensors, door contacts and the sounder (bell) box all need their batteries replacing periodically. Usually every 2-3 years. For this however, an electrician or burglar alarm engineer is not needed.

Portable Appliance Testing

What is PAT Testing?

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Test and is for any industrial, commercial, public access areas and locations and also for rented properties. It is basically a series of electrical tests, carried out in a specific order to ensure a portable appliance is safe to use and cannot present an electrical hazard to anyone who uses it or is in the vicinity. It applies to any non-fixed electrical appliance, fridges, kettles, microwaves, IT equipment, power tools etc, even extension leads need to be tested and PAT testing is a requirement of insurance companies and has to be done generally every 12 months but sometimes longer depending on the environment and class of equipment.

I have regular business clients for PAT testing that includes offices, care homes and landlords so i have to be sure to carry out the testing with the absolute minimum of disruption. I charge a fixed rate of £1.20 per item tested as long as access to the equipment isn't a problem and as a fully qualified electrician i'm able to carry out the repairs also. Previous PAT Testing job.

CCK Stainless Products LTD

One of my regular clients is CCK STAINLESS PRODUCTS LTD, specialist manufacturers of superior stainless steel catering and sanitary ware products, based in Sowerby Bridge.

Bespoke stainless steel equipment that often requires electrical installations done in house by a qualified electrician prior to shipping. It can be lighting gantries, heater cupboards, sockets, a sub mains or bain marie, all done to the highest spec. Previous CCK job.


I get a lot of calls from new landlords asking an electricians advice about landlords certificates. Yes i do do them and there's no charge for that in itself but it's not as simple as putting pen to paper.

What an electrician has to do before they can sign a rented property off is electrically and even visually test every circuit thoroughly and where there is electrical work to be done to do it, the circuits have to be brought up to current electrical regulations and made safe, as does the consumer unit and smoke/heat detection.

Carbon Monoxide detectors

Do you need a Carbon Monoxide detector? Well, the only way to detect CO2 is with a working CO2 alarm.

Building regulations in england state that if you have a solid fuel combustion appliance or storage system Carbon Monoxide alarms are mandatory. This doesn’t yet extend to gas appliances although in Scotland and Northern Ireland this is the case already.

So if you have a wood burning stove or fire etc, yes you do need one, but what you aren’t required to do, and this applies to landlords too, is have a mains powered one (unlike your kitchens heat detector or your smoke alarms elsewhere in your home which must now be mains operated when it’s time to replace an existing or fit a new one). The way things are, a battery operated Carbon Monoxide alarm is perfectly adequate for your home, which means as long as you are able to fix one to the ceiling yourself, there’s no need to get in an electrician for the job.

LED lighting

LED lighting is now the go to lighting for most electricians now and with a recent survey indicating that 40% of Lighting Industry Association members are now supplying LED lighting only with the figure set to rise to 80% in the next five years.

So LED are the immediate future for an electrician and that can only be a good thing for the customer. Their industry wide acceptance has meant falling prices and improved technology that means fewer failures and less fittings needing a transformer or driver which again means less failures as there’s less to fail.

LED lamps expect on average to save on average 80% of energy use compared with old incandescent lamps and have now overtaken the efficiency of flourescent lights too. While they are still a little more expensive, the benefits in energy efficiency and maintenence costs far outweigh the initial outlay.

Phone Quotes

Occasionally i get someone who just would like me to quote over the phone and i understand this but sometimes a job may appear much simpler to a layman than it actually is. Not always, often it is exactly what it seems, but sometimes.

I much prefer to take a quick look at the prospected work. I don't charge for this visit and there's absolutely no obligation either but it allows me to ensure the quote is as accurate as possible.